Chef Paddy featured on News Channel 5!

Euclid waterfront project connects residents to Lake Erie, addresses shoreline erosion

By: Taneisha Cordell

EUCLID, Ohio — Downtown Euclid is usually busy. Beach Club Bistro Executive Chef Padriac Greene said foot traffic is what helps keep their doors open.
“[We] definitely have come together through these hard times and tried to make the most of it,” Greene said.
Greene said coronavirus is to blame for slowing that foot traffic. He and his team now looking for the city to help.
“The beginning I think was tough for everyone, we weren’t in that alone,” he said.
According to its website, Euclid is the 13th largest municipality in Ohio with a 22% poverty level.
Mayor Kristen Gail said recent investments have helped attract new businesses, visitors and jobs—but a new trail along Lake Erie could help even more.

Read full article and watch video!

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