Euclid Beach Club Pizza Bistro celebrates 20 years serving “fresh, simple, quality” eats

By: Sheena Holland-Dolan

Grown from a small carryout pizza joint founded in 2001, Beach Club Pizza Bistro is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a local favorite in Euclid for its burgers, bourbon selections –and of course, vast array of pizzas. 

Owner Greg Jurcisin said the Bistro has gone through quite an evolution over the years, after moving from their first pizza shop on Lakeshore Boulevard to their current spot across the street, they expanded from a small dining area to include both an expansive bar area and patio spaces. 

Jurcisin said the pizzas, some of which named for local Euclid beach clubs such as Arcadia or Utopia, have always been the base that kept them going over the years. But he added that the burgers and seafood dishes have grown in popularity as well. 

Read full article.

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